Firstly, if you find yourself reading this in the wake of a recent loss, may I just express my sympathy with you at such a difficult and confusing time. Dealing with your grief while being faced with so many practical arrangements can be exhausting; be gentle with yourself!

It is likely that you will already have contacted a funeral director, but if you have come here first, local funeral directors include;

The funeral director will make all the practical arrangements for you, including booking the church and vicar, and arranging what type of committal you have chosen [burial, cremation etc.]

The vicar will then contact you to meet and plan the service.

The benefits of a church funeral are that there is always plenty of room, everyone knows where it is and there is absolutely no rush on the day. You do not have to worry about keeping to a tight time slot and being pushed out for another group. Also, anyone wishing to speak on the day will have freedom to do so, again, without fear of ‘running out of time’.

It is a requirement that there is a bible reading and a few words from the vicar, but a church funeral does not have to be ‘super religious’. Just share your wishes with us and we will do our best for you.

We can arrange an organist to play hymns or your funeral director can arrange recorded music of your choice to be played.

A guide to planning a service